1. What Insurance is ISHE covered by?
    EA (Equestrian Australia), together with Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers, have arranged a National Insurance Programme to benefit all affiliated clubs who elect to take out EA Club Insurance.
  2. What cover do riders have if they are a member of EA?
     If you are an EA member you will be covered by both personal accident and public liability.
  3. Do I have to wear the correct helmet?
    You will not be covered by insurance if the rider does not wear the correct helmet as listed above.
  4. What insurance do I have if I am not a member of EA?
    You will be covered by public and products liability only.  Personal accident will be covered by either Medicare or if you are a member of a private medical fund.
  5. Do I need to be a member of Equestrian Australia to ride at ISHE?
    No, but you will need to be a member of ISHE – Tamworth Inc. for a small fee of $10.00 called “event membership”.  Once you are an ISHE club member you will receive public and products liability whilst engaged in activities organised by ISHE.  Should participants wish to obtain cover under the Personal Accident policy, they are encouraged to become EA members.
  6. Are volunteers covered by insurance?
    All voluntary workers, committee members, judges, officials and administrators are covered by personal accident and public and products liability.  
  7. Is Day Membership still available for Non-EA members?
    Day membership is no longer offered by EA however clubs are required to ensure that all participants are either direct EA members or members of the Club.  EA understands that full EA or club membership may not suit all participants and clubs/associations are therefore able to offer membership on a short term basis (ie event membership).
  8. Are EA affiliated club members covered for Personal Accident?
    No, club members receive Public Liability cover only whilst engaged in activities organised and/or run by an affiliated association or club.   See Q4 above.
  9. For further information please contact EA direct or go to gowgatesport.com.au/equestrian