Rules and Regulations


  1. Volunteers are crucial to run this event.  Every rider will pay a bond of $50.00 which will be refunded after the event if the volunteer has performed his/her duties. If a duty is found not to be fulfilled, another volunteer can step in and get paid $50.00.  Head Stewards from each discipline will be monitoring their volunteers.  Any volunteer who does not do their shifts will jeopardize any future entries at next year’s event.  If multiple shifts are performed it will be up to the Committee’s discretion of amount paid to this volunteer.  The volunteers levy will be reimbursed within four weeks after the event.

  2. VOLUNTEERS’ ROSTER:  The volunteers’ roster will be available prior to the commencement of the event.  Every rider/horse combination must have a helper and all jobs must be done or a substitute person nominated.  The organising committee will take all reasonable steps to avoid clashes between the draw and helpers rosters, however no guarantees are provided.  All schools and Independents will be rostered to help in all events.  PLEASE NOTE:  If a school/independent  does not complete their shifts  the Committee can refuse for that rider to participate and will be ineligible to receive points.

  3. All competitors must wear a safety helmet approved by NSW Pony Club or Equestrian Australia (EA). 

  4. Social Media:  Internet social networks such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and other forums have proven to be a great way for people to share information, ideas and opinions and keep in touch with family and friends.  We ask that all interschool riders and families treat their fellow riders, officials, judges and coaches with respect by ensuring the language and comments they use are respectful, treating others, as they would like to be treated. 

  5. It has come to our attention that in the past some people may have posted disparaging and inappropriate comments and materials.  It is important to remember that such conduct is absolutely unacceptable and is not in line with Interschool values and EA Codes of Conduct.  Breaches of the Codes of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action.

  6. Only students enrolled at a school (K-12), TAFE (Yrs 7–12 (not apprenticeships)) or via distance education/home schooled may compete at ISHE 2022. The age of competitors will be their age as at 14 October 2022 unless otherwise stated. In the event of ISHE being oversubscribed the Committee reserve the right to limit the entries. The ISHE committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without reason.

  7. This is an interschool children’s competition run by volunteers.  When entering and competing please be mindful of the spirit of this competition.  Be respectful to all officials and volunteers and be mindful of warm-up arena etiquette.  

8. All horse disciplines will be conducted according to the Pony Club Association of NSW Regulations and Equestrian Australia (EA) rules.  ABCRA Rules apply for Campdraft only and NCHA Rules apply for cutting.  

9. To enter this event the student must have permission from their school UNLESS YOU RIDE AS AN INDEPENDENT.  

10. EACH HORSE MUST HAVE A SEPARATE BRIDLE NUMBER.  THESE CAN BE PURCHASED FROM ANY EQUINE STORE.   The ISHE office will have some emergencies on hand including back numbers for the ODE.  No horse can be ridden or lunged without the official bridle number clearly displayed on the near side of the bridle/halter.  It is compulsory to use the bridle number.  All scoring is dependent on the number being worn and no results will be recorded for horses not displaying a number.  This applies to ALL classes. Bridle numbers are required in case a horse gets loose so Committee can contact owner immediately.   

11. ALL RIDERS MUST WEAR A MEDICAL ARM BAND AT ALL TIMES WHILST RIDING THEIR MOUNT.  These can be purchased at any equine outlet.  

12. A Veterinarian will be on site for the duration of the Event.  You will need to pay for any medications needed at the time.   

13. The committee reserves the right to alter or delete items from the program at their discretion and to cap disciplines when needed.

14 The ISHE committee reserves the right to vet out any horse they deem unfit or unable to compete safely at any stage of an event. Any ill treatment of horses will incur instant elimination. No stallions will be permitted on the grounds.

  1. Stewards will marshalriders to their events and reserve the right to stand down any rider found to have unsafe or inappropriate gear.
  2. Lunging of horses and the warming up of horses is permitted only in designated warm up areas.   
  3. No pushbikes or scooters are permitted on the grounds.
  4. No riding of horses after dark unless competing in an event. No riding of horses without a bridle and saddle unless required in competition. No riding of horses that are wearing rugs. 
  5. In the spirit of interschool competition, no parent, team manager, or instructor will coach riders from inside the arenas at any time. This rule will be strictly enforced and may result in the elimination of the rider from the event.
  6. All children 7 years and under participating must be competent independent riders.  This rule applies to all ages.
  7. Competitors are required to walk at all times on the grounds except in warm up area and when competing. “Hooning” around on horses between events is not allowed.
  8. Please ensure your competitors are on time and in the correct location for their events.
  9. Scratching – To be notified to the Secretary’s Office as early as possible.
  10. The following conditions apply:  
  11. a) Entry Closing date is 16 September 2022.
  12. b) After 23 September 2022 entry fees will be forfeited unless a medical or veterinary certificate is received.  A 15% administration fee will be retained where refunds are approved under medical/vet grounds. 
  13. c) Any changes to entries after closing 23 September 2022 will incur a $10.00 admin fee plus $10.00 per entry.  
  14. d) All claims/refunds to be finalized by 31 December 2022.


All nominations that are entered during the opening of entries will all be considered equally regardless of the date and time of nomination.  


  1. NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS – only exception being dogs entered in classes for Saturday night.  AELEC is run under Tamworth Regional Council therefore as part of the agreement there are to be NO DOGS.
  2. To ride at this event the rider does not have to be a pony club member but you have to be a member of EA or ISHE for a small fee of $10.00 (event membership).  An ambulance fee of $15.00 is also payable for the entire event.  
  3. Schools may enter any number of students.
  4. School ties, beige jodhpurs/breeches and school jumpers/vests to be worn – NO COATS.  School sports shirts may be worn in sporting events.  EA approved gear may be worn.    
  5. Point Score: Will be in line with EA’s scoring system for Olympic disciplines.  All other disciplines based on their individual scoring systems.  
  6. To be eligible for championship points there must be more than three (3) entries in each age group.  
  7. Judge’s decision is FINAL.
  8. Cancellations due to wet weather will be announced over Radios 2TM and 100.3 Armidale after the 6.00 am news on the day or ring 0428 861 559 for a recorded message.  Please also check our Facebook page.  
  9. Any competitor who wishes to participate with ISHE must complete the electronic Disclaimer Statement and Medical Information Sheet with Nominate.  Non competitors ie parents, spectators or persons assisting students at the event are not covered by our insurance.  Voluntary workers, committee members, judges, officials and administrators are covered for both personal and accident and products and public liability.  Please see FAQ regarding insurance attached to this documentation under EA’s Interschools Policy.  ISHE takes no responsibility for persons (other than the ISHE Organising Committee) on the grounds areas outside the period 7.00 am Friday, 14 October 2022 to 6.00 pm on Monday, 17 October 2022.
  1. ISHE is conducted independently of the Department of Education and Training, Independent and Catholic Education systems.  It is the responsibility of competing schools to ensure that their students are competing in accordance with the requirements of their particular educational system.  
  2. HENDRA VACCINATION.  This vaccination is the single most effective way of reducing the risk of Hendra virus infection in both horses and humans. Human infection and deaths have occurred following high-level exposure to body fluids from infected horses. Vaccinating horses is an important measure to prevent this occurring and provides a public health and workplace health and safety benefit.  The vaccine must be administered by a veterinarian.  Some veterinarians may refuse to attend unvaccinated sick horses. All parents/guardians should also be aware of the correct biosecurity procedures if they do no vaccinate their horses against the Hendra virus.  For further information please see the Department of Primary Industries – and the Australian Veterinary Association –

It is NOT compulsory to have your horses vaccinated for this event but if they are up-to-date please complete the necessary details on the entry form via Nominate.  

  1. Schools and riders enter at their own risk.  A Waiver Form must be ticked by parent or guardian when entering online.
  2. Random drug testing of horses may be performed throughout the duration of the event.
  3. NO glass is allowed on the grounds and all electrical leads must be tested and tagged.  
  4. No horse shall be shared in any one discipline ie “Maggie” cannot be ridden by J Citizen in the 80 cm showjumping and then by P Citizen in the 70 cm showjumping.  The exception will be campdrafting ONLY as per ABCRA rules.  

40. No adult is to ride a horse once on the grounds due to insurance purposes otherwise that child/horse may be eliminated.  No spectators are permitted to ride on a competitor’s horse.