DAY 4 – MONDAY 17 OCTOBER 2022 – Start Time:  8.00 am 

CAMPDRAFT– (max. of two horses)

CLASS NAME Entry fee
17 & Under 21 years $45.00
15 & Under 17 years $45.00
13 & Under 15 years $45.00
11 & Under 13 years $45.00
8 & Under 11 years $45.00
Team Campdraft $5.00
  • A Team Campdraft to be run in conjunction with each rider’s event. Team of three students
    preferably with one school nominated. However Independent riders can enter three individual
    students. Rider and horse entry must be nominated prior to the start of competition. Trophies
    and ribbons will be awarded to top three teams.
    ● The combination must have obtained some campdraft experience through a school/clinic or have
    an outside score at an official Campdraft.
    ● Entries will close when cattle numbers are allocated.
    ● Forms for day membership are downloadable via Nominate’s link prior to the event.
    ● No stallions allowed on the grounds.
    ● Rules and Regulations will follow ABCRA Rule Book. Please see link:
  • All riders must have ABCRA membership or ABCRA Day membership.
    ● All riders need to be a member of ISHE – Tamworth Inc. for a fee of $10.00 for duration of event.
    ● Enquiries: Kathy de Jong or 0429 663 434